Cloud9 Rug

Vibrant and playful, Cloud9 is both a rug and a work of art. Drawing inspiration from the moods of the sky, each piece is handmade from sustainable New Zealand wool with a collage of boucle weaving techniques that form an organic, cloud-like landscape.
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The new series of vibrant rugs, by FACNE Studio for massimo, capture playfulness in the form of contemporary artworks. Drawing inspiration from the temperaments of the sky, CLOUD9 series are handwoven and handtufted with different weaving techniques from 100% New Zealand Wool. A poetic snapshot of clouds seamlessly created from different pile heights and a boucle weaving technique.


140 cm x 200 cm / 4.59 ft x 6.56 ft

170 cm x 240 cm / 5.58 ft x 7.87 ft

200 cm x 300 cm / 6.56 ft x 9.84 ft

250 cm x 350 cm / 8.16 ft x 11.48 ft

300 cm x 400 cm / 9.84 ft x 13.12 ft

Materials 100% New Zealand wool

Pile height 5-30 mm