About us


We founded Prevalent Projects, a modern home store in Mill Valley, CA. in 2018. We specialize in a Japanese/Scandinavian aesthetic with a focus on quality, craftsmanship and sustainability.


Floyd studied Interior Design at CSULB and then attended the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles. He went on to work at Frank Gehry and Associates on the Disney Concert Hall and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. During that time Floyd met a film director who hired him to remodel his Venice bungalow. The director explained how similar Production Design is to Interior Design and Architecture. This introduced him to a 25 year career in the film industry. Floyd has done projects for TV, film and commercials worldwide with many Academy Award winning directors. As a fourth generation Californian born in Carmel with many relatives in the Bay Area, Floyd felt a strong connection with Northern California. He recently moved his family to Mill Valley from Los Angeles.


Julia was born in the UK and raised throughout the US. After studying Photography, she was hired as a photo assistant for celebrity photographer Joseph Viles working on advertising for TV shows. Julia found a passion for shooting interiors and the people that inhabit them. Her work has been feature in Vogue, InStyle and Shape Magazines. She has photographed various campaigns for T-Mobile, Coco-Cola and Tanqueray.

While her children were attending Mt Washington Elementary, Julia along with 2 other parents came up with the concept of an event that brought together artists and makers for a fundraiser to benefit the school. This event called Mt Washington Made went on to become one of the most popular fundraising events in LA with thousands in attendance each year.

She is the Principal Buyer for Prevalent Projects.