Affinity Rug

The Affinity Rug is a harmonious blend of organic and geometric elements, a testament to the power of beautiful, functional design and robust craftsmanship. Hand-tufted from the finest New Zealand wool.
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The design bridges the gap between the organic and geometric. The soft scattered sprinkles are all neatly framed within a simplistic geometric motif within a solid color base. The different pile heights and hand cut shapes create an impression of layers. By mixing equal parts wool and bamboo fibres, Massimo is able to create a finished rug with an exceptional level of sturdiness, protecting the rug against wear and tear and pressure marks, without sacrificing on the luxurious look and feel.


170cm x 240cm / 5.58ft x 7.87ft

200cm x 300cm / 6.56ft x 9.84ft

Materials 100% wool

Pile Height Loop 5 mm / Low Cut Pile- 8-9 mm / High cut- 11-12 mm