We believe strongly in quality design and craftsmanship that is meant to last a lifetime. We are anti-throwaway culture.

We always aim to provide the highest quality goods, sustainably sourced, and as non-toxic as possible. Our goal with each project is to make it feel like a place you want to be in, always. We collaborate closely with clients to get to the heart of what makes that possible. 

We have a cultivated warm modern aesthetic with nods to Scandinavia and Japan. We have sourced our curated selection of furniture, home goods, etc from all over the world. Additionally we are now launching our own line of Japanese Scandinavian influenced furniture. It is handcrafted in California from FSC certified rift sawn White Oak with a non toxic finish. We are creating this line due to a huge gap in the market for beautifully designed sustainably sourced non-toxic furniture.

We are also developing a line of modern wool rugs as well as a textile line. Our goal is to primarily sell creations of our own in the store by 2020.