Hemp Rug

The humble hemp plant is transformed into a durable woven textile, sustainably produced from seed to rug. In a tribute to nature, the bio-dyed hues of each rug are woven in optical repetitions that shift with the light. Handmade from Italian hemp yarn.
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The collection by Tanja Kirst emerged from the artist’s master project “Re: Thinking Hemp” that aims to produce raw textile materials from sustainably cultivated hemp. Handwoven with Italian hemp yarn, each thread consists of 50 thin threads spun together and dyed in bio color. The colorful palette of the collection is a tribute to nature, while the unique pattern with flat weave and color and weft effect, creates a different experience every time you enter the room. The rugs are bio-dyed, which gives them their natural color hues that are woven in optical repetitions and interact depending on the light.

Rug underlay included.


200 cm x 300 cm / 6.56 ft x 9.84 ft

250 cm x 350 cm / 8.2 ft x 11.45 ft

Material 100% hemp yarn