Escape Kelim

Escape is a modern take on the classic kelim that honors traditional weaving techniques as well as the natural look of its material. Each rug is handwoven in India, and can be kept plain or enhanced with subtle, tactile details like stitching and fringes.
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Muscat and Chalk are also available with fringes; Stone and Light Beige are available with border stitching. Please contact us for details about these options.

These Kelim rugs focus on the subdued colour tones and the natural feel. It's a modern collection of minimal, yet tactile and crafted rugs with subtle details – supporting the warmth, softness, human layer and ambience in a modern space.


90 cm x 250 cm / 2.1 ft x 8.2 ft
170 cm x 240 cm / 5.58 ft x 7.87 ft
200 cm x 300 cm / 6.56 ft x 9.84 ft
250 cm x 350 cm / 8.2 ft x 11.45 ft
300 cm x 400 cm / 9.84 ft x 13.12 ft

Material 100% undyed natural wool