Wavok Stool

Wavok stools are made of laminated cedar wood, which is then planed to form the stools. The marks created by this process give the stools their unique shape and accentuate the gentle expression and beauty of cedar wood.
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W39×D39×H40 SH39

Ships in 8-10 weeks from Japan.


Toshimitsu often worked on design development for major Japanese furniture manufacturers, and in 1988 his “Origin” bamboo and metal chair was exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair, where it was much talked about. Three of his works were selected for “The International Design Yearbook 2000” (UK). His involvement in Hida Sangyo’s design development began in 1987, and the Crescent series in 1995, the Enku series in 1996, followed by the “Beans” and Sowa series in 1997, were announced one after the other. The “Words from Forest” series announced in 2001, was a first for the furniture world in that it made use of knotted wood to make furniture. The following year, the SN105W sofa from that series won a Good Design Award. In 2003, the “Wavok” series, an effort to design furniture using cedar, some wood previously considered unsuited for furniture, won a Good Design Award.