Una Chair

The UNA chair combines a curved wooden seat and legs with a leather-upholstered cylindrical back, creating a balance between comfort and simple geometry. Its design highlights the natural beauty of the grain and the craftsmanship of the upholstery.
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Solid wood structured with carved seat and leather upholstered backrest.

19.5 D, 18 W, 31.5 H IN 49.50 D, 45.75 W, 80 H CM

APPROX. 19 lbs / 9 kg

Use a soft dust cloth wrung out in clean water and gently go over marks until clean. After cleaning, the wood should be dried with a soft cloth to prevent streaks and scratches.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our wood products have a water based clearcoat for further protection.


If you have a leather item with some marks or stains use a dry, soft bristled brush to remove loose debris from the surface of the leather. Use a lightly damped rag with distilled or bottled water to clean and remove surface dirt. Do not focus on one area, but rather a complete wipe down moving quickly and evenly.