Kamasada Studio - Big Mouth Fish ornament

The abstract, minimalist design of this decorative iron fish, mounted on a stand of light-colored wood with a beautiful grain, captures the essence of life in the sea. Designed by world-renowned Japanse designer Nobuhu Miya.
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Dimensions  7"W x 2.3"D x 6.3"H (with wood)

Materials Nambu Tekki Cast Iron

Origin Iwate, Japan

The creator of this décor is Nobuho Miya, a world-class designer and master of Nambu ironware, which has recently been drawing attention abroad as well as in Japan. He is also the third-generation head of Kamasada, a Nambu ironware manufacturer established during the Meiji Period (1868-1912). Located in the Northeastern part of Honshu in Morioka City, Kamasada has been preserving traditional manufacturing methods for more than a hundred years. The company continues to mine the potential of Nanbu ironware, breathing new life into traditional designs to create products that will surely be loved by generations to come.