The Long Chair

The Long Chair spreads a person‘s weight across a larger area than a regular chair, giving far greater comfort. Isokon described the chair as ‘giving scientific relaxation to every part of the body, immediately creating a feeling of well-being.‘
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Isokon was founded in 1931 by Jack Pritchard, a visionary leader at the heart of British Modernism, alongside Canadian Architect Wells Coates. It began with the Lawn Road flats in Hampstead, the first modern building of its kind, which required the furniture and fittings that Pritchard had envisaged.

In 1997 Isokon became Isokon Plus, when then owner, Chris McCourt began working with new designers Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby. Today Isokon Plus continues to forge long-lasting partnerships with designers who understand and respect the ideals of the original founders. 
The entire collection is handmade.


23.6"W x 53.1"L x 32.8"H

Seat Height 9.3", Foot Rest 14.9"H