The Cloud Table 220

The Cloud Table is the sky dragged down to earth into your home. The Cloud Tables organic shape is an aesthetic complement to the usual sharp edges that are common today.
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Delivery time: 12-14 Weeks

L: 86.6” W: 55.1” H: 29.1’’

Cloud Dining tables are made of a white power-coated steel cone base and a wood table top with Fenix silk laminate surface. The Silk laminate is extremely durable and at the same time very elegant and smooth. 


Lacquered furniture is maintenance free. The furniture can be wiped off daily with a soft cloth soaked in clean water. The unit will not be affected by daylight in the same way as soap- or oil-treated surfaces. However, the furniture will still be able to take on color over time and we recommend that you exercise caution when placing dishes, candlesticks etc. and we do not recommend direct sun light. We do not recommend the use of cleaning agents or other types of chemicals on the wood