Plasterworks A

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Plasterworks is a series of rugs designed by David/Nicolas for CC-tapis. The rug is hand knotted in the CC-tapis workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal and is made with a cotton weave and a Himalayan wool coming from the areas surrounding the workshop.
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A series of ultra-fine carpets hand-knotted in Himalayan wool, quality A + (152,000 knots). The inspiration for the creation of the Plasterworks line was born during a lunch of the designers with one of the CC-tapis founders in a restaurant in Beirut, also designed by David/Nicolas. The triangle motif that decorates the walls of the restaurant has been translated in the texture of the rugs, resulting in soft lines, inventive color combinations and contrasting textures. 


Dimensions 5.6' x 9.8' 

Material Cotton weave and Himalayan wool

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