Melina Pendant

Strung onto the bronze colored flexes like jewels, the clear etched glass shades hang from their bespoke cast bronze fittings and emit an gentle inner glow. The chandelier cluster creates a sense of suspended animation connecting spaces vertically.
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The Melina is available in three standard options: single (with one glass shade), double (with two glass shades) and triple (with three glass shades). Each of these hangs as one loop of flex cable from a single ceiling rose (rose diameter 4.9"/125mm). For more intricate arrangements these options can be combined to have four (2+2), five (2+3) or six (3+3) shades in total. These options hang as two loops of flex cable from a single larger ceiling rose (rose diameter 11.8"/300mm).

Shade: Clear Matte Glass

Fitting: Cast Bronze

Flex Cord: Bronze Colored Textile

Ceiling rose: Matte White Metal with Brass Side Screws