GB Lounge Chair

Originally coined “the Levi’s Chair”. The GB Lounge chair is like a pair of well-loved jeans. Available as a one-seater chair, or can be arranged in a variety of ways by connectors that transform it from a solo chair into a multiple seating system.
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Dimensions: 30 in W x 37.5 in D x 26 in H

Dutch industrial designer Gijs Bakker had already established a reputation for his aluminum jewelry when he decided to turn his attention to designing a chair. Inspired by a competition held by Dunlop, the rubber foam manufacturer, Bakker took a piece of foam, bent it at a 90 degree angle, and fixed it in a metal frame. The result was the GB Lounge, a modular lounge chair whose simple silhouette is enhanced by invitingly overstuffed upholstery.

For upholstery options please contact us at: [email protected].