Eikund Hertug Chair

Designed in 1959, Hertug is an elegant dining chair recognizable by the lines between the back legs and backrest. The seat has a light and floating effect created by only touching the frame where necessary.
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This item is available two types of leather. Aline and Semi-Aline. What is the difference?

Analine Leather: Aniline dyeing is a process involving organic, solvent-based dyes which color the crust while leaving the hide’s natural surface and characteristics intact. Pure aniline leather is the most basic version of this process as it is simply comprised of raw material and dye. It features significantly less finishing than any other leather goods, resulting in a beautiful naked leather.

Pure aniline leathers will scratch, fade in sunlight, develop a patina and age naturally. The soft hand and rich, unique character of each full grain, pure aniline hide make for a highly desired, sophisticated product.

Semi-Analine Leather: The production of semi-aniline leathers begins the same way as pure anilines. The major difference between the two processes stems from the introduction of pigment to the top surface of the hide in addition to the aniline dye. This additional pigment will inherently protect the leather from scratching and fading in sunlight.

As a natural product, semi-aniline leather will still gradually develop character, but not to the degree as its pure aniline counterpart.


Dimensions: Width: 18.9", Depth: 18.5", Height: 30.08", Seat Height: 18.31"

Materials: Available in oak or walnut. Seating in fabric or leather.

Please contact us for pricing, lead times, and finish options.