Dream Lychee Candle

Spring has joyously languished, we sip tea by Lily Rose Pavilion, south winds now sing of lychee.
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Over last summer, David (from DS&DURGA) read the Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao Xueqin – a family epic from 18th century China. The richness of the story drips off the page in vibrant color, revealing what life was like for giant families in mansions at that time and place. The spirit world, Taoism, and poetry are woven together with the mundane details of aristocratic living in Qing China. Time and again, the reader is privy to detailed descriptions of fantasy gardenscapes and otherworldy realms. Rare fruits, fine clothing, elegant bushes, and striking flowers are everywhere. A whole line of aromas could be made from this one volume (and there are four!). This is a quick poem about lychees spoken in the late spring by a pavilion in the garden set up to receive royalty and entertain the family.


  • rose water
  • cyclamen


  • lychee
  • lily


  • musk
  • sandalwood