Groove Coffee Table

The Groove Coffee Table is an exclusive solid wood coffee table combining pure simplicity and refined elegance.
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The natural beauty of the solid wood plays a major role in the construction of the table, perfectly accompanied by the striking design details. The conical turned wooden legs gracefully lift the impressive Table Top with a thickness of 5 cm, which is quite remarkable for a solid wood Table Top. The characteristic grooves on the edge of the Table Top are made with a special custom-made milling head, invented and built by Christian Troels for the development of the Ten Tablein 2019.

23.6" Dia x 13.8" H
23.6" Dia x 17.7" H
31.5" Dia x 11.8" H
31.5" Dia x 17.7" H
43.3" Dia x 11.8" H
43.3" Dia x 17.7" H