Light Up Winter With Anony

Light up the New Year With Anony

Did you resolve to add sophistication and style to your home décor in 2024? At Prevalent Projects, we are proud to introduce the Anony lighting collection, a testament to timeless design and thoughtful craftsmanship straight from the heart of Toronto. We share Anony’s design philosophy – the belief that quality materials enhance each piece’s longevity and ensure its enduring appeal. Whether you prefer the subtle glow of a wall sconce or the dramatic flair of a statement chandelier, Anony’s modularity and versatility promise to brighten any room with sophistication.


Creating Harmony With Anony’s Lighting

Lighting does more than illuminate – it can elevate mundane to magnificent, influencing your home’s mood and ambiance. Anony’s focus on durability and timeless aesthetics is a perfect blend of form and function. Each piece complements the natural flow of light for a seamless integration of artificial and natural lighting within your decor.

Anony’s lighting collection stands out for its ability to adapt to diverse interior settings. Anony offers sleek, understated options for minimalist spaces and bold, statement-making pieces that complement more eclectic decor. This versatility is crucial in achieving a balanced lighting scheme that caters to different times of day and various functional needs. Anony’s designs encourage a play of light and shadow, adding depth and dynamism to every room.


Tips for Blending Natural and Artificial Light

Striking a balance between natural and artificial illumination is vital for creating the perfect ambiance in your home. Understanding how to harmonize these two light sources is an art and a science, simultaneously enhancing aesthetic appeal and functionality.

You can use the sun’s rays to energize you in the afternoon and enjoy the soft glow of gentle lamplight when winding down in the evening, transforming your environment with the right blend of lighting. Here are four practical tips for seamlessly integrating natural and artificial light, ensuring your spaces are well-lit, inviting, and harmonious.


  1. Embrace layering: Combine lamps and other fixtures with ample natural light to enhance any area’s functionality and aesthetics. Use dimmers and smart bulbs to mimic the changing light intensity as the sun moves through the sky.
  2. Focus on function: Tailor your lighting choices to each room’s purpose. For instance, incorporate Anony’s pendant lights in your home office for focus and minimalist wall sconces in your living room or bedroom for relaxation.
  3. Consider direction: The direction of natural and artificial lighting can dramatically alter the perception of space. Use directional lighting to highlight architectural features or artwork, creating focal points.
  4. Play with color temperatures: Matching your lightbulbs’ color temperature with the hues of natural daylight can create a cohesive and inviting environment. Warm lights for cozy, intimate spaces and cooler lights for concentration blend seamlessly with natural light throughout the day.


Introducing the Art of Light Harmony at Prevalent Projects

A new year brings fresh inspiration and opportunities to redefine your living space. With Anony’s lighting collection, Prevalent Projects offers you the chance to illuminate your home with artistry and intention. Each piece from Anony is a tribute to the power of thoughtful design and the beauty of honest materials, promising to light up your 2024 and many years to come.

Browse Prevalent Projects’ online catalog or visit our Mill Valley showroom to explore the Anony lighting collection and discover how the right lighting can transform your space. Let us help you make enlightened choices that blend form, function, and timeless elegance into your home decor.