LeSent Room Mist

LeSent room spray is designed to deliver utmost efficacy of what essential oils have to offer. Ethically wildcrafted ingredients whenever possible, these oil infusions are meticulously crafted in-house to maintain efficacy. Product made in Japan.
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Room Mist

3.4fl oz / 100ml

4 varieties of scent help set the mood.

Eucalyptus - mental stimulants and heightening concentration.  The blend brings out confidence and inspiration, helping to overcome stress. Perfect for workplace.

Geranium - floral blend to calm and enhearten at the same time.  The blend helps to focus on the goods than the bad.  Great nighttime scent.

Ho wood - woody blend to calmly brighten the mood. The blend helps to release tensions and leads the room to a peaceful environment. Another nighttime scent.

Palmarosa - helps to bring up the mood while helping to calm down the nerve systems and being strongly anti- infectious. Use whenever to add an uplifter to the room.