Yksi Chair

Yksi is available with a comfortable seat upholstery and two chairs can be stacked for compact storage making it a perfect choice from residential homes and professional workspaces to cafes and restaurants.
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Yksi means “one” in Finnish, reflecting several elements incorporated into a singular design, signalling classic elegance with a modern twist. The Yksi Chair has two pairs of legs that unite in an upside down Y-shaped base, as a focal point of support for the seat. Featuring a curved backrest that looks as if it’s hovering above the seat. The structure makes the chair surprisingly light – both visually and in terms of weight. Two chairs can be stacked for compact storage, adding extra appeal for professional work spaces, cafés, restaurants and homes.

The Yksi Stool is its cousin, perfect for bars, retail settings, corporate dining halls and private kitchens.

Together the Yksi Chair and Yksi Stool have a light appearance that belies their strong construction. Sharing the same distinctive Y-shape and crafted in solid oak, they represent a contemporary take on classic woodworking techniques aimed at a modern audience.