Cow Horn Chair PP505

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Great luxury sometimes comes in small packages. This beautiful chair is designed smaller than most so that it easily fits underneath the table thus making it more suitable for the dining set.
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The pp505 Cow Horn Chair is a compact chair developed by Wegner along the theme of the Round Chair. The armrest consists of only two pieces of solid wood each carved from shelter trees of around 200 years old.

The right and left armrests are always cut in line of one another and paired to match.The right and left armrests are joined in the center of the back where the wood is thickest, facing end-grain to end-grain. Gluing surfaces together along the end-grain of wood is technically very difficult making for a weak joint that moves over time. Wegner resolved this problem on the Cow Horn Chair by using contrasting wood tenons that makes the necessary constructional detail both strong and beautiful. The tenons serve to centre the design of the chair giving visual harmony when cow horns are grouped together.

The seat is upholstered directly on the seat rails. The armrests are cut from the same piece of wood, so that the grain will match. The joint detail in the back is made of rosewood.


Dimensions Width 23.2", Depth 17.7", Height 29.9",  Seat height 17.3"

Materials Available in oak, ash or cherry with rosewood details. Available with a cane or upholstered seat.

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