CH25 Easy Chair

It takes a skilled craftsman 10 hours and approximately 400 meters of paper cord to complete one seat and backrest by hand, using a particular technique resembling weaving, visible on both sides of the backrest. The chair is fascinating from all angles.
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The CH25 lounge chair, like many of Hans J. Wegner’s other iconic designs, is clean and simple in its distinctive shape. But its introduction caused a stir due to Wegner’s choice of materials on the backrest and seat. The woven paper cord, a replacement for seagrass developed during World War II, had not been used in furniture before. However, Wegner was enthusiastic about the look of the material and its non-stretching and optimal durability, and so were generations after him. The CH25 lounge chair has remained tremendously popular and has been in continuous production since 1950: a testament to Wegner’s visionary approach. 

Please contact us for additional wood, finish, and upholstery options.

Dimensions Width 27.95", Depth 28.74", Height 28.74", Seat height 13.78"

Materials Solid wood frame, paper cord seat