Round Chop Block

Solid end grain round board with angled edges for ease of gripping and lifting. End grain construction prevents the majority of knife marks from showing on the board. The board self heals after your knife cuts between the fibers.
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Both sides finished and encouraged to be used heavily! Each board is a one of a kind unique piece of kitchen art. Handmade in Los Angeles.

Material White oak, hand rubbed with mineral oil

Dimensions diameter 16" x height 2.5"


Cleaning Place your board in hot, running water. Don't be afraid to scrub it with soap & sponge or a scrub pad. Once the board has been thoroughly cleaned, allow it to air dry.

Odors Has your board picked up a funky smell after prolonged use? Sprinkle some course salt across the wood & rub it in with lemons for a boost of freshness!

Dishwashers NO! Never. Absolutely not. 



The Wooden Palate was founded by Ryan Silverman (wood-worker to the stars) and his wife Eileen O'Dea (chef and yogi turned wood-worker). Eileen and Ryan design every board to last forever. Each board is tested for integrity by Ryan in the woodshop and further vetted by Eileen in the kitchen before sent to production. The Wooden Palate was born of the belief that every kitchen and home needs more bespoke wood pieces and that every chef should love the board on which they serve their creations.