Tosa Ryu Earthsaver Soap Rest

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This Hinoki Soap Dish is ideal for holding your soap bars. In addition to the wood's antibacterial properties, its design allows for this soap dish to prevent slippage as well as the proper draining of any excess water, allowing your soap to last longer.
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Dimensions 3.5" W x 7" L x  1.25" H

Material Hinoki Cypress Wood

Origin Kochi, Japan

About Shimanto Hinoki

Tosaryu uses locally-harvested Hinoki cypress from the Shimanto area of Kochi prefecture. In southern Kochi, rapid photosynthesis leads to large and sturdy Hinoki cypress trees. The forests of Shimanto must withstand strong winds, making the trees particularly resilient and leading to increased oil production. In 70-80 years, the trees mature into a source of durable, fine-quality Hinoki wood.