Food Container Circle (M)

The perfect container for storing dry goods like salt, this container is made from highly-absorbent, all-natural Keisodo (diatomaceous earth)*. Also great for storing peppers, garlic, and dried herbs.
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*These materials have passed a food sanitation inspection.

Soil products use an organic soil compound called Keisodo (diatomaceous earth) that is highly-porous, giving it excellent moisture-absorbent and retaining properties. Soil goods are non-toxic, easy on the environment, and also naturally reduce odor.

Dimensions Ø4.75" x H5.5"

Materials Keisodo (Diatomaceous Soil)

• Rinse quickly with water and dry.
• For stains, use a soft brush to rinse, or treat with light bleach and rinse.
• For a decrease in absorbance, a quick rub with sandpaper will restore it to its original state. 

Origin Ishikawa, Japan