Shinola Turntable Runwell Rose Gold Turntable

The Rose Gold Runwell Turntable, designed inside and out for the discriminating audiophile and easy to use by any music enthusiast. Featuring a built in phono preamplifier and a belt driven pulley with speeds of 33 1/3 rpm and 45rpm.
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  • Wow and Flutter < 0.1%
  • Gain 35.4db @ 1KHz
  • RIAA Conformance Deviation Less than +/- 0.25db, 20Hz to 20 KHz, exclusive of infrasonic filter at 13Hz
  • Input Overload > 200mv at 1KHz
  • Input Impedance 47kohm in parallel with 200pf
  • Signal-to-noise Ratio exclusive of cartridge intrinsic noise, unweighted > 82db
  • Gain 1kHz MM 35.4dB (jumpers open)
  • Gain 1kHz MC 55.1dB (jumpers installed)
  • Termination impedance, MM gain resistive 47kohm, via synthetic cooled termination
  • Equivalent temperature of 47kohm input termination, midband < 20 degrees Kelvin
  • Termination impedance, capacitive 200pF on board
  • Termination impedance, MC gain resistive installed on input pads per cartridge requirements
  • EQ characteristic RIAA standard
  • Infrasonic filter Second-order maximally-flat, -3dBr at 13Hz
  • Line-level output resistance 49.9 ohms, unmated
  • Overload margins > 32dB at any frequency from 20Hz to 20kHz, based on reference levels of 5mV rms at 1kHz, 500uV rms at 20Hz, 50mV rms at 20kHz
  • Output noise, MM gain, at various analyzer filter bandwidths and 75 ohm generator Z 22Hz to 22kHz: 22uV rms
    100Hz to 22kHz: 12uV rms
    400Hz to 22kHz: 8.6uV rms
  • Output noise, MC gain, 10 ohm generator Z 22Hz to 22kHz: < 220uV rms
    100Hz to 22kHz: < 120uV rms
    400Hz to 22kHz: < 86uV rms
  • Power consumption from mains input, preamp only enabled < 8W
  • Distortion at noise-versus-distortion inflection point < 0.001%
  • Dimensions 18" x 13.875" x 7.5" (47.6cm x 35.2cm x 19cm)