Pavilion Desk

The 1950s modernist structure is referenced in the airy feel and graceful lines of the Pavilion desk, which sees a compact desktop supported by bent metal tubes that curve down into splayed legs. Comes either with the back panel (AV17) or without (AV16).
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AV16 (No back panel)

Height: 29" Width: 51.2" Depth: 25.6"

AV17 (With back panel)

Height:31.9" Width: 51.9" Depth: 25.9"


Product Material
Steel, wood veneer, Forbo linoleum.

 Tabletop Finishes
Black Linoleum w. black lacquered oak
Mushroom Linoleum w. lacquered oak
Iron Linoleum w. lacquered walnut

Metal Finishes