Pablo Talia

The Talia Family is comprised of an elegant, feature-packed budget friendly task lamp and a beautiful new floor lamp.
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Delivery time: 10-12 weeks
Talia's refined and compact design embraces only the essential elements to fulfill its purpose. Smart and powerful, Talia is designed for maximum light control, pairing fully dimmable and glare-free flat panel light technology with 360° post rotation and 180° shade rotation to satisfy both task and ambient lighting needs alike. Talia also features wireless induction charging to accommodate mobile devices + USB port for added convenience along with an optional user enabled auto-shutoff energy-saving feature and is offered in 6 elegant colorway and metallic accent combinations to provide a refined touch to any setting and decor.
Talia Table measures 15.5" tall with a base of 3.9" x 6.4".

Additionally, Talia Floor is an elegant, minimal floor lamp that provides functional task and accent lighting in any space. With a 7.9” x 7.9” base, Talia Floor is 45” tall and uses the same post and head module as Talia Table.
Talia Table and Floor are both perfectly suited for residential, contract office, commercial, and hospitality applications.
Voltage: 120-240V 60Hz
Power consumption: 6W MAX
Color temperature: 3000K
Luminosity: 350 Lumens
Luminaire efficacy: 58 Lumens/Watt
Color Rendition Index: 90 CRI
50K hour lifespan
Cord length: 6’ (182cm)
Global multi-plug adapter available
1 year warranty

LED Flat-Panel


Extruded aluminum post
ABS/PC shade 
Aluminum base plate

360° post-rotation
180° shade rotation
Advanced LED flat-panel eliminates multiple shadows
Full range dim control 100%-10%
6-hour energy saving auto-off timer
Optical switch - ADA compliant
Ships flat-packed