NyChair X Rocking

Designed in Japan in 1970, this minimalist design creates a place to relax without taking up much space. The height of the seat and elbow rests is set based on ergonomics, and the backrest angle and chair fabric create maximum comfort for the user.
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The removable seat is made from top-grade Kurashiki sailcloth that can easily support the user’s weight and the structure of the chair. Kurashiki sailcloth is an outstanding piece of fabric made from natural materials at the same factory since 1888. This highly functional cloth does not create static electricity and lasts a very long time.

Combine with the NychairX Ottoman for an even more relaxing experience. 

Part of the permanent collection in New York’s MoMA.

Materials 100% Cotton canvas, beech wood, stainless steel.

Dimensions and weight W23" x D26" x H34"; seat 13" in front, 8.6" in back. Folded width 6". Weight of the chair is 14.5 lbs.

About the Design

Designer Takeshi Nii created his masterpiece, the pioneering Ny Chair, in 1970, and its pleasingly utilitarian design is still beloved by many the world over, and won many awards since its conception. His Nychair X is in the permanent collection in New York’s MoMA. Carefully calculated seat and armrest heights, the backrest angle, and the fabric characteristics all work together to produce a cocoon-like feel for superior comfort. Lightweight at 14.5 pounds, the chair measures a mere 6 inches when folded for easy transport and storage. The seat is made of Kurashiki canvas, a durable, finely-textured, woven cotton yarn, and is removable and replaceable.