Nychair X Rocking Chair - White

An iconic and portable form representing the keen considerations of designer Takeshi Nii. A staple in the MoMA's permanent collection, the Nychair Rocking Chair offers the perfect recline and function with a removable seat fabricated from Kurashiki canvas
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Dimensions: 61 × depth 76 × height: 92cm (seat height: 43cm, when folded: width 15 × depth 76 × height 119 cm)Seat Material: 100% cotton
Armrest: Natural beech wood, urethane coating
Metal elements: Stainless steel



"The NychairX was born in 1970 and sold in various countries for over 40 years since it was first created by Japanese designer Takeshi Nii. 
With a concept rooted in Japanese-style living environments, this chair boasts a simple, beautiful and functional design that makes it suitable for any location."