Mt Washington Pottery Good Luck Talisman

The Mt. Washington Pottery Talisman is inspired by the Indian "Nimbu Mirchi", which are hung in doorways to homes and businesses. This good luck talisman is meant to keep your space safe from evil spirits and to promote happiness and prosperity within.

One of a kind and made of hand formed clay beads and hemp cord. Every talisman is slightly different. Please hang indoors as contact with the elements will wear the cord and it may eventually break.

Dimensions 8 inches from bead to bead (not including hanging loop or tail).



Beth Katz is the creative force behind Mt. Washington Pottery, an heirloom quality collection of functional and decorative ceramics.

The 1970’s hippie enclave of Los Angeles’ Topanga Canyon is where Beth grew up and was introduced to the art of ceramics. Wanting to pursue a career in fashion design she worked for her fathers’ clothing company during her summers off from school. After successful careers as a makeup artist for fashion, advertising,film and television and then as the creative director for a national women’s magazine, Beth returned to graduate school to study spiritual psychology in search of what was next. Her graduate studies led her to pursuing her joy, turning her lifelong hobby into her life’s work.

The freedom of her childhood, the diverse and wild Southern California landscape, her experiences in fashion and commercial design combined with the ethos of traditional Japanese and modern Scandinavian design, culminate in the organic elegant simplicity that is Beth’s work.