Lostine Albert Candle Holder - Cherry

These candle holders are hand turned in Philadelphia, PA. Made of cherry with metal inserts for easy cleaning. Crafted with care, these holders are just as much art as they are functional.
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Made in Philadelphia, PA

3.875"Dia x 12.5"H

Cherry wood

"Based in the city of brotherly love..Philadelphia, PA, Lostine is an independent home furnishings company focused on creating a warm "American Modern" aesthetic. Our collections are inspired by craftsmanship, utility and a desire to make and live with beautiful things. We work with small shops and production factories in the U.S. and abroad to make items such as .. stools, chairs, cutting boards, tables, mirrors and home decor items. It is our goal as a company to be responsible in the production of goods that will provide lasting enjoyment for years to come."