Donabe “Kamado san” Rice Cooker- XL

This traditional Japanese rice cooker is hand carved from clay, taking two weeks to make. The many air pockets in the clay allow for ideal temperatures to reach the rice, creating fragrant meals and wonderfully cooked rice.
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Suitable for gas stove and oven (up to 500℉); NOT microwave or electric and induction cooktop safe.

The secret to this pot’s superior rice-cooking capabilities lies in the way porous Iga clay accumulates heat, quickly penetrating to the core of each rice grain. The elevated Far Infrared properties of the pot’s natural glaze lead to fluffier, glossier rice, while the thickly-cast bottom boasts an ideal degree of heat conduction. In addition, the cooker boasts excellent heat-retaining properties, assuring that rice stays warm even after the pot is removed from the heat source. The double-layered lid functions as a pressure cooker and prevents water from bubbling over.

Includes a rice scoop and a ceramic tile. Made in Iga, Japan. 

Material Clay

Dimensions 10.5" Ø x 8.5"H, 84 oz.