Ippongi Table with Yagura Legs

A Live Edge Table Top, “Yagura” refers to the stage used for the dancers and musicians during the Bon Festival in Japan. The shape of this small stage inspired the design of the legs for this table in the IPPONGI collection.
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“The scars and cracks on trees accrued by survival in an unrelenting nature are a charm in themselves.” These were the thoughts of CondeHouse founder Minoru Nagahara, who sought to give a second life to wood that had, until then, come to be seen as unsuitable for furniture. He believed that through a combination of technique and a discerning eye for wood, with the help of artisans who possess keen sensibilities, wood with such characteristics could be made into some of the world’s most beautiful furniture. Now, 25 years after its debut, our IPPONGI series continues to gain support from those who cherish the unique characteristics of wood in their daily lives. Experience the one-of-a-kind series that unites the vitality and design potential of natural wood.


70 3/4"w x 35 1/2"d

82 3/4"w x 37 1/2"d

94 1/2"w x 39 1/2"d

106 1/4"w x 39 1/2"d

118"w x 39 1/2"d