KURIN Scented Candle 190G

top: mandarin / peppermint / cassis, core: green tea / violet, base: moss / cedar / musk.
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scented candle / bougie parfumée
190g / 6.7 oz, 40h burning time

Japan as a place is one that resonates with us deeply. After visiting Tokyo, I thought it impossible to imagine a place that can further encapsulate everything you admire. This was until I got to Kyoto. Two polar opposites, impossible to compare, it purely comes down to what you seek. The purity and clarity of thought I experienced in Kyoto was exactly that. Kurīn whose name, phonetically means ‘clean’ depicts the time spent in what feels like the centre of existence. As well as the Arashiyama Forest and Kinkaku-ji temple, it was also the bike rides along the river and the Sake shared with Min at Gyoza Hohei that inspired us to create this scent.