Humble Ceramics Alder Tumbler - Sandstone/Snow White

Perfect for a short espresso, small coffee, tea infusion, juice, wine or whisky ... these little tumblers are extremely versatile. We've also seen these used to hold mini-wooden spoons and other short utensils, cotton swabs, pens, air plants, etc...
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Price for 1 unit

Each piece is unique and might have some size / clay / glaze variations such as specs, beauty marks, little pin holes, tiny craters (like travertine or marble), some barely visible micro fissures (which do not affect the strength or durability of the piece), crackling glaze and some warping which is part of the artisanal nature of our process and part of the outcome.

Dimensions Ø3" x H3" - holds +/- 6 fl oz *, dimensions are approximate and might vary slightly from piece to piece

Material Clay, glaze

Care Dishwasher/Sanitizer safe. do not use in oven and microwave. DO NOT soak!



Artisan Pottery made with mindfullness in South Los Angeles, one small batch at a time.

Created by Belgian-born Los Angeles-based artist Delphine,Humble Ceramics was born in the summer of 2010. What you see today is the evolution of an exploration in clay. Humble Ceramics embraces imperfection. 

Humble Ceramics is about polarity and the beauty of opposites.

The work is both rustic and modern, timeless and new, familiar yet fresh, discreetly beautiful, quietly powerful with clean lines, well-defined boundaries and complex simplicity.