Johansson J64 Chair White

The signature spoke-back and gentle, sloping armrests make the J64 chair a timeless classic.
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Delivery time: 12-14 Weeks

At the same time, the curve of the seat and back add ergonomic comfort, as well as a strong graphic expression. The J64 is ideal as a dining chair or as a lightweight easy chair, accompanied by a cushion or blanket.

Clean with a soft cloth tightly wrung out in clean water. Wipe the wood following the direction of the grain. For dirty surfaces, use a mild solution of soap flakes or a universal cleaning agent. Then polish with a soft, dry cloth. Never leave wet patches on lacquered wood surfaces as it can cause the lacquer to peel.

W: 59,5 cm
D: 54 cm
H: 79,5 cm
Wt: 5.8 kg
Cbm: 0.28 cbm
Sh: 45 cm