Fredericia Eve Chair

Eve is a lightweight wooden lounge chair in an aesthetically intriguing design that combines a wooden ring with a moulded wooden seat, resulting in a genuinely iconic appearance.
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Oak Black Lacquered frame with Premium Black Leather.

With its airy frame and slim, curved seat, Eve is a light, wooden lounge chair that beckons you to come closer, sit, relax and stay a while.

The chair’s most striking feature is the large wooden ring, a wise design decision with a dual-purpose. From a visual perspective, it gives the chair a light, open silhouette. In terms of functionality, the ring acts as arm rests as well as mounting points for the thin, moulded wooden seat. Adding to Eve’s airy appearance is the exposed construction, involving an intelligent utilisation of materials, allowing for a sturdy, durable structure, with fine-tuned ergonomics that enhance the comfort.

By merging the graceful curves of the ring and the seat, with the structural poised at just the right angle, the outcome is an intriguing design with a beautiful sense of balance. Eve can easily fit into any residential or commercial setting in search of a contemporary lounge chair with a touch of ingenuity. An elegant chair from any angle, able to blend into its surroundings or subtly stand out as a showpiece.


26.1" W x 27.36" D x 27.87" H | Seat: 16.34" H
(66.3 x 69.5 x 70.8 | 41.5 cm)


Oak Frame
Leather Upholstery