Ten Table Round

Handmade in Denmark from solid Walnut or White Oak in a variety of finishes. The Ten Table offers a lightness which is emphasized by the refined crafted details like the beautiful vertical grooves of the legs and the distinctive, organic-shaped Table Top.
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The slightly curved shape of the Table Top does not have any straight lines at all, and in combination with the sloping table edge, it looks like the Table Top is constantly moving. The curving movement continues on the extension leaves, which completes the overall impression and gives the table a unique expression.

Note: The Ten Table Round is available with extension leaves in several different sizes. For more information and pricing on this feature please contact us at [email protected].



47.2" Dia x 28.3" H
51.2" Dia x 28.3" H
55.1" Dia x 28.3" H
59.1" Dia x 28.3" H
63" Dia x 28.3" H

Extension Leaves:

19.7" L x 47.2" W
19.7" L x 51.2" W
19.7" L x 55.1" W
19.7" L x 59.1" W
19.7" L x 63" W