Cadovius Flower Lamp

The FLOWER LAMP is not a lamp in the original sense of the word. It is more a decoration - a small installation and a cool and decorative way to light up your plants and flowers.
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Use one single lamp or hang them in small groups in different lengths. You can also do as Poul Cadovius did in his showroom The Circle House and let the cord go all the way from the ceiling to the floor and place the lamp very close to the floor.
Care and maintenance
Always remember to disconnect the power before cleaning the lamp. For
removal of dust wipe the lamp with a dry cloth. To clean off grease marks
or dried dirt use a damp cloth and lukewarm water with a mild detergent
or washing-up liquid.
Please note that the product requires special disposal and should be
disposed of in accordance with applicable environmental regulations for
waste disposal.
We recommend a max load of 4 kg in the flowerpot.