The 3 Table

A beautiful and sturdy table made from two solid wood planks. The simple design combined with the natural beauty of the wood has made the 3 Table one of DK3 hallmark designs.
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The Dk3 The 3 Table was launched in 2008 as one of the first plank tables on the Scandinavian market. The idea of combining two thin steel legs with large planks containing knots and natural wood structure was unusual back then. At the time, fine oak without knots and structure was the trend; many almost considered the so-called wild oak to be leftover wood. But to DK3, this was where the treasure was hidden, and thus, they would move the beauty of nature in a minimalistic way into the living rooms of Scandinavian homes.


Dimensions Length 78" - 157", Width 39", Height 28" - 29" 

Materials Solid oak or walnut, oiled finish. Steel legs with clear lacquer varnish. 

Please contact us for additional sizes, leg finish, and wood finish options.