Butcher Block Table

A luxurious solution for those in search of additional kitchen prep space whether you have a small apartment, or find your counters always filled, or you're looking for a dedicated chopping block fixture.

Available in maple, oak, or walnut this contemporary Butcher Block Table by De JONG & Co. will elevate your kitchen experience. The thick and sturdy top will take generations of use and the end-grain orientation provides a hard surface that won't dull knives. The rounded shape shows off clean, elegant lines as well as allowing for mobility around the table. Brass highlights don the sides of the rounded legs. A minimal circular shelf is made to key in perfectly with the De JONG & Co. Fruit Bowl giving you more immediate storage to keep clear your table top.

Pictured in Pictured in oxidized maple, solid brass, optional fruit bowl, and a hand-rubbed oil & wax finish.