Compass Hook - Bronze

Made using sand-casted Gunmetal Bronze. Sand-casting involves liquefying metal and pouring it into a sand mould. This hook is designed around the arcs of a compass; the intersecting lines giving it a feeling of sturdy utility. Made by hand in Australia.
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The hooks are manufactured in small batches so slight variations will occur from piece to piece. Production marks may include slight pour ripples or surface pitting.

Hooks come with matching screws. Made by hand in Sidney, Australia.

Dimensions W2.17" x H3.35"

Material sand-casted Gunmetal Bronze

Care They will arrive with a bright finish but will oxidise and darken over time to reveal a distinctive patina. Simply use a metal polish to restore a like-new finish.


About Studio Henry Wilson

Studio Henry Wilson's work combines a rational utility with an element of sculptural expression. There is a clear form and function in our products, but it’s important they also have feeling. They are interested in the awkward beauty that comes from something made by hand. Studio Henry Wilson likes to explore how imperfection can be introduced into an industrial process, to make something at scale that retains a sense of individual charm.