Usagi no Nedoko Sola Cube - Nogurumi

Beautifully preserved plants, exquisitely in the form of a 1.6 x 1.6 inch acrylic cube. Sola cubes can be arrange and combine in multiple patterns to inspire sensitivity and learning. Observe them intently, and appreciate the wonder or botanical lives.
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Every Sola cube is carefully handmade by an experienced Japanese craftsman, and each one takes considerable time and effort to complete. Outstanding craftsmanship is required to ensure that this small transparent cube holds a plant at its very center and that no air bubbles get inside.

Nogurumi Its spiny fruit has earned it the name “Fox’s comb” or “Monkey’s comb” in Japanese. The seeds come out from between the spines on the cones, and are carried away by the wind.

Botanical essence Strength

Dimensions 1.6" x 1.6 "

Material Acrylic resin / dried plant

Made in Japan.