Cathy Callahan Runner Patchwork yellow

Cathy Callahan patchwork table runner. 100% linen, hand dyed gradient colors, size 14" x 60"
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-100% linen hand dyed in small batches.
-dye recipes have been developed to create colors unique to the collection.
-design, production and sewing all take place in los angeles, california.
-variations between dye lots can occur as well as differences in patchwork color placement. such distinctions are all a part of the natural beauty of the handmade process.

-colors have been set and should not run under normal circumstances.
-care instructions are sewn into each runner.
-please use a mild soap free of chemicals and scents. i recommend ecos brand free and clear unscented laundry soap. i have found that janie brand dry stick spot cleaner works well for food stains.
-it is advised that any hand dyed textile be kept out of direct sunlight over long periods of time to prevent fading.

also good to know:
-linen gets better and better with each use, softer and softer each time it is laundered.
-each piece in my collection is intended for daily use - not just brought out for special occasions.