Iga-Mono Bistro Steam Donabe

A versatile, multi-purpose Japanese donabe, "Bistro Mushi Nabe" has the authentic rustic Iga-yaki look with a modern design. With its thick body, this donate can be heated without any liquid inside, making it ideal for sautéing, steam-frying or roasting.
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By removing the steam grate, you can use the donabe as a classic-style donabe. Also, unlike most of classic-style donabe, with its thick body, this donabe can be heated without any liquid inside of the donabe. So, this donabe is especially ideal for sautéing, steam-frying or roasting. Also, the flat bottom makes it easier when you align ingredients in layers. This is a very versatile multi-purpose donabe for every day use for steaming, hot pot, soup, stew, roasting, etc.

Dimensions 11"Ø  x 7"H

Capacity 67 fl.oz.

Color Black

Tongs for steam grate is included in the package