Archipelago House Pendant N-PL01

The shape of the N-PL01 mimics the triangular shaped roof of the Archipelago House. The bottom of the lamp has been covered with a single piece of Washi paper held in place by a few magnets making it easy to disassemble should you need to change the bulb
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Off the rocky coast of Sweden, the high and triangular roof of Archipelago House by Norm Architects suggests the shape of their pendant lamp N-PL01, originally designed for the summer residence. A single piece of Washi paper is fixed at the bottom of the shade, cleverly held in place by a few magnets, hiding and diffusing the warm and indirect illumination both downward and to the sides.


  • Small: 14.4" h x 27.6" dia (36.7x70cm)
  • Large: 21.1" h x 39.4" dia (53.6x100cm)


Timber, oak