Pound Pickling Weight Door Stop

Doorstop inspired by the centuries-old tradition of Japanese pickling stones. Its granite base is sourced from 1,000 year old quarries on the island of Shikoku in Japan. The hemp rope serves as a handle, making the object easy to move from place to place.
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Dimensions granite base H2.5" x Ø5"

Materials Rope: hemp. Base: granite. Due to the natural material, each Aji Stone Pickling Doorstop is unique in its speckling and tonality.


About AJI Project

Since 2012, AJI PROJECT has crafted contemporary objects out of Aji stone, cut from 1000 year old quarries in the town of Mure located outside the city of Takamatsu of the Kagawa prefecture. Known for its hardness and durability, the stone is also referred to as diamond granite.